About Jesus

Do Christ Clothing is a move to glorify GOD in what we wear. "Do Christ" came out of an idea to do more to obey Jesus and make disciples. D.O.Christ stands for Disciples of Christ. This is not only what we wear. This is who we are.

Do Christ Clothing is more than t-shirts. We are artists,designers, everyday people who enjoy expressing the joy in the daily walk with Christ.

We want our apparel to spark a conversation, produce a thought, break the ice, and plant seeds that lead people to Jesus Christ.

Join us as we go into the world to make disciples. We Do Christ!

If you are at the point in your life where you are ready to make a personal commitment to follow Christ, all you have to do is reach out to Him now in prayer. He is listening and waiting to come into your heart and help you live a better life. Will you invite Him in now? If you'd like to pray and receive Christ as your Savior, you can use this simple prayer as a guide:

"Lord Jesus, I ask You to come into my life and forgive me of all my sins. I confess my sins before You this day. I confess Jesus as the Lord of my life. Thank You for saving me. Jesus, I believe with my heart and I confess with my mouth that You rose from the dead. I am saved. Write my name in the Lamb's Book of Life. Today is my God-day with the Lord Jesus! I pray this prayer to the Father in the name of Jesus. Amen."


Romans 10:9-10

Romans 10:9 (ESV) -- "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

Be Blessed!